Thursday, January 16, 2014

06 Tree house Illustration

What a hectic semester this was (Fall 2013). Learned a lot of things and had fun doing some of the projects. I learned that if you don't have a good ideations, sketches, thumbnails, values, and compositions (pretty much the whole process) then you'll struggle in the end. My digital paint rendering didn't turn out the way I wanted to. I learned that my rendering style looked a lot like "ParaNorman". It almost looks like a set, haha. Oh well, I still learned a lot last semester.

Tree house Project -
Use Gary Soto's writings as inspiration to create visual development on the tree house. Fully explore interior and exterior possibilities, found objects, construction materials, lighting, weather, surrounding environment, etc.

Gary Soto -
"Author Gary Soto's short stories about the exploits of two young boys who live in a small town in the Central Valley area of California (Fresno) are a biographical remembrance, a coming-of-age chronicle."

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