Tuesday, November 19, 2013

05_Speed Modeling #2

...So I decided to do a speed model of a tree house for my Intermediate digital painting class. I didn't set a time frame, but it took about 8-10 hours.

The tree house is supposed to be built by a thirteen year old boy and his friend with no help of adults. I had trouble constructing the rooftop so I made a quick maquette (which I forgot to upload from my camera so I'll update it when I get home), and I'm pretty sure kids had no sense of housing construction in the mid 1900's so it wont be as sturdy, but they had a lot of imagination.

It's hard coming up with tree house ideas, because it has to be realistic and not some made up mansion on top of a tree branch.....Anyways, the theme I went with is "Pirate". I wanted to use a lot of wood planks and objects related to "pirate". Also, I want to incorporate the kid's fixing the rooftop, because pirate ships always need repair! But I'm not sure how to incorporate it yet...Anyways, enjoy!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

04_Summer Projects

oh summer! spent a few weeks working and catching up on my sleep..but it's time to start modeling! here are a few models i did over summer break...

03_Speed Modeling #1

ah, my first speed modeling...took an hour and a half....to model everything and 10 minutes to set up the lighting and render the shot. i don't think i'll be modeling a robot anytime soon again..placements were hard, because i couldn't use any reference, so i just winged it.

02_Wood Planks

just practicing some wood textures for fun....kinda fun!